It began at the Buckhorn Lake Presbyterian Church over 100 years ago. Rev. Harvey Murdoch left the city life and a financially stable congregation in Brooklyn, NY to begin something new in a place that lacked resources, spiritual care, health care, education, and orphan care; all because the need was greater here than in Brooklyn. While the area lacked all these resources, he found other resources that paved the way for his leadership successes.

Over a century later, Rev. Murdoch’s God-given mission is still being lived out at Buckhorn Children and Family Services. Even though the times, programs and services have changed, the original mission of serving people is still being lived out each and everyday as we seek to Provide a Sanctuary of Health, Healing and Hope to at-risk children, youth and families.

The facilities haven’t had a coordinated remodeling since the 1990s and its time has now come. It is our goal through the Nehemiah Project to give our infrastructure a makeover to address the critical needs of the Cottages our children and youth reside in, and to brighten it up with colors that are therapeutically warm and inviting.

Bardstown Road Presbyterian Church has allocated monies from the Mission Tithe Bequest for the Nehemiah Project at Buckhorn.


                                               THE NEHEMIAH PROJECT – PHASE ONE

In Buckhorn Feature by Lisa Brown June 21, 2017

Over the past year, Buckhorn Children and Family Services (BCFS) has been working to raise $100,000.00 in order to fund phase one of the Nehemiah Project. Through the Nehemiah Project, Buckhorn Children and Family Services hopes to address the critical needs of the on-campus residential facilities. The cottages that house the youth haven’t had any major repairs or renovations since the mid-1990s. This is an issue that directly affects the children and youth here at BCFS.

Phase one of the Nehemiah Project addresses the priority needs of six cottages on the Buckhorn campus and the Dessie Scott campus.

The staff and residents of Buckhorn Children and Family Services are incredibly appreciative of those who helped make Phase One a success. Phase two of the Nehemiah Project will take place during the summer of 2018. Over the next year, Buckhorn will be working to raise $200,000.00 in order to complete phase two. Visit our Facebook page and stay up to date on all project details!

Join Bardstown Road Presbyterian Church in increasing our support for the Nehemiah Project either by coming with us on our mission trip to Buckhorn in June or by supplementing our Mission Tithe Bequest Funds.  




Bardstown Road Presbyterian Church will join with First Presbyterian Church Shelbyville and First Christian Church Shelbyville in sponsoring a refugee family under the auspices of Kentucky Refugee Ministries. Join us as we celebrate this new exciting ministry.



Kentucky Interfaith Power and Light is hosting “Why should I care about the Farm Bill” from 7 – 9 pm on June 7th at Crescent Hill Presbyterian Church (142 Crescent Ave, Louisville, KY 40206). We will be focusing the several proposed changes in the upcoming bill and talk about how these changes affect our everyday lives. The Farm Bill is coming due for another five year renewal and the first draft created in the House of Representatives is likely to have a negative impact on many of the people you care about in your community. Whether it is providing a safe-guard against poor nutrition through the SNAP program, supporting sustainable growth of organic farms and farmer’s markets, promoting healthy development in rural communities or increasing land conservation through rewards programs, the Farm Bill has a massive impact on the health of our neighbors, our land, our water and our small economies. The current version of the Farm Bill will remove an estimated 20 million people from the food-assistance program, eliminate the Conservation Stewardship Program for land conservation, reduce support and funding for programs that help small farmers, organic farm and farmers’ markets and cuts USDA rural funding development by $500 million. Join us from 7 – 9 pm on June 7th at Crescent Hill Presbyterian Church and find out why this legislation affects you.

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A group of visitors is coming to Louisville on May 31, to begin a walk to St. Louis and the PC(USA) General Assembly in mid-June. Bardstown Road Presbyterian is joining with Crescent Hill Presbyterian and First Presbyterian (Jeffersonville) to host the walkers and provide dinner on the night of May 31. Many thanks to Lindsey Bilyeu, Alicia Bloos, and Joe Anne Overstreet for providing the meal, and to the following for providing sleeping arrangements to the walkers--Alicia and Kris Bloos, Bill and Linda Bowman, Joe Anne Overstreet, and Marge Rice. 



Maybe we can put a little light on the subject! We will begin to change our fluorescent lighting with retrofit kits that will change the lighting to LED lighting. The bulbs will be removed and replaced with LED strips. One strip gives off the same amount of light as two tubes at about an 80% energy savings. We also hope to still qualify for an energy rebate through LG&E to cover some of the cost of the kits. We are becoming a good example for energy stewardship with our Solar Panels and LED lighting in the sanctuary and gradually through the building. Way to go Bardstown Road Presbyterian Church! The Club room has been totally converted so stop by and look at the new technology. 



Each month, Mission Committee collects specific food items for the Highland Community Ministries food pantry. You may contribute at any time during the month prior. Thank you to all who have donated already. There is a plastic tote in the back of the sanctuary where you may place the requested items, canned meats and soups. Please place donations in the tote at any time. Thank you in advance for your continued compassion for others. *The need never dwindles. Please think of your neighbors when you shop for groceries!